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A pizza oven is an enclosed compartment for baking a pizza or bread.

Two common kinds of ovens are gas ovens and electric ovens and for pizza ovens, wood is also used.

traditional pizza oven wood burning

Culinary historians credit the Greeks for developing bread baking into an art. Proper front-loaded bread ovens originated in Ancient Greece. The Greeks created a wide variety of doughs, loaf shapes and styles of serving bread with other foods. Baking developed as a trade and profession as bread increasingly was prepared outside of the family home by specially trained workers to be sold to the public.

The Greeks also pioneered sweetbreads, fritters, puddings, cheesecakes, pastries, and even wedding cakes. Often prepared in symbolic shapes, these products were originally served during special occasions and ceremonies. By 300 AD, the Greeks had developed over seventy different kinds of bread.



Today you can find many different types of Pizza ovens for private and commercial use.

 Pizza Information

Pizza cheese is a specific cheese designed to melt well on pizza while remaining chewy. It is commonly used on commercially produced pizzas in the United States of America where it is often mistaken for Mozzarella cheese. Pizza cheese is formulated so that it can be made with basic cheesemaking equipment but without the additional equipment and processing that true mozzarella requires.
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Toppings on pizza are most typically ground meats and sausages, such as salami, pepperoni, ham, bacon and ground beef; fruits such as pineapple and olives; vegetable-like fruits such as chili peppers, sweet bell peppers and tomatoes; and vegetables such as onions. Mushrooms are also a popular topping.
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