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Pizza Dough is a paste made out of any cereals (grains) or leguminous crops by grinding with small amount of water. This step was a precursor to making of breads, pastries and cookies.

pizza dough is made from flour

Pizza breads are a group of staple foods prepared by baking, steaming, or frying dough consisting minimally of flour and water. Salt is necessary in most cases, and optionally a leavening agent is used. Some sorts of bread also contain spices (such as caraway seed) and grains (sesame, poppy seeds). Grains are also used for decoration purpose.

Pizza may be baked with a thin bread bottom (Italian or "hand-tossed" style) or with thicker bread (pan pizza).

In restaurants, pizza can be baked in a gas oven, a conveyor belt oven or, in the case of more expensive restaurants, a wood- or coal-fired brick oven. In the latter case, the pizza is slid into the oven on a long paddle called a peel and baked directly on the hot bricks. When making pizza at home, it can be baked on a "pizza stone" in a regular oven to imitate the effect of a brick oven. Another option is grilled pizza, in which the crust is baked directly on a barbecue grill. Greek pizza, like Chicago-style pizza, is baked in a pan rather than directly on the bricks of the pizza oven.

In home-made pizza, there are many variations on the bread used for crust. In the United States, creations such as pita pizza, bagel pizza, and tortilla pizza are popular, especially with children. In Japan, where full-size ovens are a rarity in the home, pizza toast is a popular version.


Frozen pizzas are generally inferior in quality to pizzeria-made pizzas, though there do exist exemplary frozen pizzas. Recently, frozen pizzas with a rising-crust have appeared on the market.

Ingredients: flour, eggs, corn flour, yeast, sugar, salt,

 Pizza Information

The pizza delivery process begins when a customer calls the pizzeria and specifies the number of pizzas, their sizes, toppings, and any other items desired. The customer must provide an address, to which the delivery person must bring the pizza. Most pizzerias also require the customer to provide a telephone number, in order to prevent fraudulent orders.
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To honour the Queen, a local baker devised a richer kind of pizza: In addition to the red tomato paste, white mozzarella cheese and green basil leaves were employed, thus reflecting the colours of the Italian flag. This invention became known as pizza Margherita and spread all over Italy and, with some delay, over the rest of the world.
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